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Whats with our name?

What the heck is an Ostinato? In music, an Ostinato is a repeating musical phrase. For example, the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back (aka ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Made’), begins with a famous ostinato that continues throughout much of the piece. An ostinato can give structure and drive to music. We picked the name because we believe in process and structure everywhere from our shop floor to our back-office procedures. Plus we think the name just sounds cool (hopefully without being too pretentious).

Who are we?

Ostinato is a start-up company dedicated to bringing high-end (Audiophile is such a loaded word isn't it?) speakers to people who cannot afford Lamborghini's (although if you can afford one yet still choose us we applaud your thrift). There are plenty of amazing speakers in estate-worthy cabinets, with ‘unobtanium’ diamond-encrusted drivers that cost more than a house.  That is not us.  

We push as much of our investments as we can to where we think it matters most: high-end electronic cross-over components, quality drivers, attractive real-wood finishes.  Investments that bring quality and beauty to our customers.

We are founded by a refugee from the corporate world who believes that music lovers are under-served by the current high-end speaker market.  We want to serve those who want high quality sound, something hand-built, perhaps just a bit unique but without losing focus on real value.  We want to build a business where we can strive to live out our Biblical principles while providing the beauty of amazing music to more people. 

We are not aiming to be a big company but rather a niche player.  We know we are not for everyone and that is good.  There are plenty of large manufacturers out there and that is not who we want to be.   We will be quite content if we can bring the joy of music and a quality product to just a fraction of the audio world.