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How soon after order receipt to you ship? 

      During this soft-launch phase shipping will take up to 4-6 weeks.  Please see the soft-launch page for more details. 

      Once we reach full live, we plan to ship within 2-4 business days after order receipt. 


When do you charge my CC?    

      We will authorize your credit card for the full purchase amount at time of ordering.  We won't capture funds until the day of shipping.  If your order does not ship for 3 days, the authorization hold should be released. 


Why am I not being charged Sales Tax?  

      As a startup business, we are not currently large enough in most states to require reporting and collection of Sales Tax on your behalf.  As we grow we will be implementing this feature, most likely on a state by state basis.  Please be advised it is the customers responsibility to record and report any required sales tax to your taxing jurisdiction if required by them. If you are in our home state of Colorado, the system will capture appropriate sales tax for you. 




Do you require a signature for delivery?


Really, but I have a Ring doorbell...

     These are expensive products.  Not sure about you, but we can't afford to lose a couple grand worth of products to porch pirates. 


Why do you require insurance?

      Accidents happen.   We don't want them to happen.  You don't want them to happen.  But they happen.  If, in the rare instance, they happen to you, you will be happy you had insurance. 


Do you ship outside of the USA?

     Not yet. We hope to in the relative near future. 


What about to Canada?

     Contrary to some people on reddit, our neighbor to the north is a sovereign nation and not part of the USA.