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 What is the warranty for?

     We warranty speakers against defect of material and workmanship for 3 years.  Complete terms are in the owner's manual. 

Why only 3 years?

     Most issues (if any!) with speakers are found during production and quality assurance or during shipping.  After that, these are passive devices designed to be in stable, temperature controlled locations (your home!) and not much happens to them.   


 How long do I have to return speakers during the 15-day money-back period?

     Fifteen calendar days starting on the day that you receive your speakers.


What do I pay if I return during the 15-day money-back period?

     You must pay return shipping and a 5% restocking fee.  We are a small business and we offer many semi-custom configurations.  Therefore we cannot manage unlimited returns for gear trials.  Speakers must be in new condition when returned. 


How do I return (15-day or for repair)?

     First, keep the original box the speakers arrived in.   Then you must receive a return authorization from us.  Contact us via email at info@ostinatospeakers.com to request.  Any product returned without authorization will not be refunded.  We will provide shipping labels.   You pay shipping back to Ostinato Speakers. If we are repairing, we pay shipping back to you, unless there was no issue found.