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Ostinato Speaker Cabinets

The cabinet of a speaker is crucial to achieving high quality sound.  Physics still dictate that heavy, non-resonant cabinets of sufficient size remain a core ingredient  to the faithful reproduction of music.  The mass market can cheat this somewhat with sound processing technology in an attempt to overcome their light plastic boxes, but in the end there still is no replacement for displacement. To stretch the analogy - sometimes a big block V8 engine is just more effective (and satisfying) than a small displacement engine relying on high revs and turbos.


We have combined modern industrial techniques with old-school hand craftsmanship to achieve cabinets that do not compromise on quality, are attractive, have some bespoke features but that won't break the bank.  Sorry, no diamond-encrusted drivers or pearl inlay here...


Cabinet Body / Substrates:

All of our cabinets are heavy!  Shipping costs reflect this and please use a team lift when un-boxing.   Body panels are 3/4" thick and all Baffles are 1.25" thick.  We have made innovative use of CAD/CAM processes in designing the cabinet bodies:  Panels are produced with computer guided dovetailing for stiffness and accurate assembly.  Woofer and mid-range through-holes are chamfered on the interior of the cabinet to assist with inner wave dispersion.    The mid-range tunnel on the Monitor is integrated into the front and back panels for integrity and stiffness.  We round-over the baffles on the Monitor and Desktop in order to smooth sound dispersion (Center cabinet is so large this is not required).    Finally, we make use of copious shaped foam lining for resonance reduction. 




Wood and Finish:

We debated for a long time on how to finish our cabinets.  There were many considerations including optimizing production and cost to the customer.  In the end, we just can't get away from the beauty, uniqueness and quality of real wood.  For go-live, we have opted for three classic species:  Walnut, Bubinga, and Quartered Wenge.  All wood word is done by hand, with artisans who are passionately committed to creating products that they and you will be proud of.  Finally, in our spray booth our finishers apply many layers of clear coat over multiple days to protect and bring out the beauty of your cabinets. 


walnut-swatch.jpg  bubingaquartered-swatch.jpg  wengequartered-swatch.jpg


Connector Plates:

We wanted to do something a little different for the cable connector plates and are pleased with what we ended up with:  First we create a plate from the same wood material your cabinet is finished in.  Then we utilize a computer guided laser engraving process for our Logo, model and serial numbers and to accommodate whichever cable connectors that you specify.  Melding bit of the modern with some old-school!