Center Channel

Price $2,950.00
Launch Price $2,650.00

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Ostinato Center Channel

In the high-end audio community, Home Theater is sometimes viewed as a dirty word (well, two actually). At Ostinato we don’t understand this. If you reflect on Movies that you love, don’t most of them have excellent soundtracks? Great music can even compel us to enjoy films with serious flaws (we're looking at you Prometheus). And aren’t you tired of watching movies where you cannot hear the dialog? Or that destroy your eardrums from the next action scene after you turn it up?

The Ostinato Center is a no-holds barred, full range speaker that won't break a sweat in even the most sophisticated theater setups. With bass down into the 30’s, you can run this speaker in large mode – which is helpful if you have smaller mains or no sub.  The two 8"(!) woofers hit an f/3 of 32 Hz and can handle high volumes with aplomb.   The Center boasts the same sparkling ribbon tweeter as the Monitor and Desktop. The mid-range drivers deliver crisp, centered dialog.  Unlike most center's, you can (and should) cross these with your sub's at around 50Hz.  In fact, the Center matches best with 15" or larger sub's.

This speaker is BIG! And HEAVY! It weighs in at over 50lbs and is close to 3 feet wide. If you are not, shall we say, on the ‘serious’ side of home theater – you may just consider a soundbar. They may be a less, ah, ‘contentious’ interior decorating design choice. However, if you want the best for your home theater experience (or maybe you like 3 or 5 channel music), then the Ostinato Center may be for you.

The Center speaker matches very well with both the Ostinato Monitors and Desktops.  Ideal configuration would be to pair with Monitors for your HT mains and Desktops for surrounds. 

Hand-crafted and finished cabinet with a selection of real wood veneering.

With all Ostinato speakers: Non-resonant cabinets made with heavy substrates and precision construction. Cross-overs hand-assembled with no-compromise high-end components. Customer configurable choices of wood species, cabling connectors and cross-over capacitor options.  Hand-assembled in the USA with love and care. 15-day money-back and 3 year warranty.

Nominal Impedance:
6 ohm (min 3.3 ohm)
Maximum SPL Output:
104 dB / 1 meter
11.2” Tall, 33.01” Wide, 12.5” Deep
49 lbs (22.23 kilos)
Sealed Cabinet
  • Walnut
  • Bubinga - Quartered