Custom Speaker Cable - 14 Gauge



Cable Guide:  Custom Cable Build & Connectors


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Custom Speaker Cables:

Build your speaker cables exactly how you want them.  This cable is 14 gauge, oxygen free copper.  Two conductor (standard) cables.  Starting length is 3 feet. 

The process is simple: 

  • Start by choosing your overall length.
  • Pick connectors for each end. 
  • Select which color you want for the jacket
  • Choose cable length

Voilà - your very own, custom built cables.  Questions about why you should buy cables from us (or not)?  Want to know which connectors to use? Refer to the Custom Cable Build Guide.

PLEASE NOTE:  Cables are built individually.  If you want two of the exact same configuration just change quantity to 2.  Otherwise you can build individual lengths and configurations for each of your speakers. 

Shipping is free when cables are purchased/shipping with speakers. 

With all Ostinato cables: Oxygen free copper.  Hand-assembled and tested in the USA with love and care.