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Who designs the speakers?

Ostinato is honored and pleased to have an exclusive partnership with Curt Campbell.  Curt is a mad scientist, dedicated and prolific designer, engineer and all around great guy. Curt has been designing amazing speakers for many years now and offering them to the DIY community. His efforts have been reminding (and introducing) many people what music really sounds like.

Speaker design is complicated.  Some would say equal parts science, luck and magic.  Driver selection, voicing, cross-over design.... and on top of all that Curt then adds in innovations like open back tunnels, switchable cross-over networks and ribbon tweeters.  We were so amazed at the beauty of Curt's designs that we were pleased he agreed to let us bring some of them to you.  

You can see more of Curt’s designs over at www.speakerdesignworks.com.  And if you decide to try your hands at building some yourself? Awesome! That is how we got started.  Though if you are put off by reading electrical schematics, stocking a moderate sized wood shop, want the precision of CNC and a skilled cabinetry shop, are completely confused by wood veneer or just don't want to be covered in sawdust - then this is where we come in.