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Launch Price $2,350.00

Price per Pair

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Ostinato Speakers is in Soft-Launch!


Ostinato Desktop


What to call this small but capable speaker? Bookshelf? Small monitor? We settled on Desktop, though this speaker is really quite versatile.  The Desktop serves beautifully in many applications: music listening from near field to modestly sized rooms, home theater surrounds or mains.  For music listening, cross with a small sub woofer and you have a system that really punches above its weight.   

Designer Curt Campbell created something special in this small package. The heart (or brains?) of the Desktop is its sophisticated cross-over network. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds (per speaker) just by themselves, the cross-overs beautifully blend the 5.25” neodymium woofers and high performance ribbon tweeters.  The resulting sound is relaxing and coherent.  The mid-range is exceptionally smooth, clear and transparent. High-hat’s and cymbals sound like they should. With the Desktop speakers, well recorded music is fully revealed while lesser material is still shown in its best light.

Real wood finish, heavy precision built cabinets, ribbon tweeters, high-end cross-overs, cable connector and cross-over configuration options - all for a price that is entry level in high end audio.  Connect a pair of the Desktop’s with a modestly priced amplifier and front-end with a $45 raspberry pi Volumio music streamer (that’s how we roll at Ostinato) and you can have an amazing musical experience for far less than $5K. In the high-end audio world there are cables that cost more than this! 

Hand-crafted and finished cabinet with a selection of real wood veneering.



With all Ostinato speakers: Non-resonant cabinets made with heavy substrates and precision construction. Cross-overs hand-assembled with no-compromise high-end components. Customer configurable choices of wood species, cabling connectors and cross-over capacitor options.  Hand-assembled in the USA with love and care. 15-day money-back and 3 year warranty.



Nominal Impedance:
8 ohm (min 5.8 ohm)
Maximum SPL Output:
102 dB / 1 meter
12.5” Tall 8.5” Wide 10.5” Deep
16 lbs 8oz (7.48 kilos) – each
11 liters ported
Cross-over Frequency Point:
3.5 kHz
84 dB (2.83V/1meter)
Harmonic Distortion (2nd and 3rd):
<0.3% at 2.8v and 8.0v (90 db, 1m)
  • Walnut
  • Bubinga - Quartered