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Custom Speaker Cables

At Ostinato Speakers, our first love is clearly building customized speakers. But what could pair better with your bespoke speakers than cables built to your specification.  Length, jacket color, connectors, bi-wire options.. all without breaking the bank. 


Our recipe is simple:  Oxygen free copper conductors (12 or 14 gauge), attractive braided jackets and quality connectors.  Built by hand with old school techniques like soldering, heat guns, and elbow grease.  Made to order.  At what we daresay is a reasonable price. 


What are cables are not:  We don't impregnate the copper with unicorn hair or pixie dust (only due to suppliers not shipping).  We don't sell cable risers (go for it if you want - we won't judge you). 


Can't you just buy cables from many other merchants?  Absolutely.  Please do if you prefer - seriously, you won't hurt our feelings.  We decided to offer this product line to complement our speakers and as a convenience for customers who prefer them. 


Current Cable Connector ends offered:


Carbon, brass banana plugs:


Carbon, brass spade plugs:




Metal jacket, Speak-On Twist Lock:

(standard or bi-wire versions)