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Placement and Amplification


For the Ostinato Desktop, the mid-point between the tweeter and woofer is best at ear-level.  Little to no toe-in is recommended as the speakers are designed for off-axis listening. You will want to employ speaker stands or appropriate furniture for obtaining the height needs.

The Desktop is fairly benign to drive.  At 84 dB it is not the most sensitive speaker around, but with its lower resistance (8 ohm) most amps will not have any trouble.  Therefore we recommend any trustworthy 8 ohm amplifier.

As physics still prevail (for the most part), there is no replacement for displacement.  Therefore, in music listening, some customers may prefer to use equalization (we know – a dirty word to many!) to roll-off some of the low frequency material or cross the Desktops with a sub.  If used in a home theater setting this will be done for you by the AVR/encoding.


With the Ostinato Monitor, we recommend that you position the speaker such that the listener's ear is between the mid-range driver and ribbon tweeter.  Place speakers facing square to the room as they are designed for off-axis listening (no toe-in required).  Good quality speaker stands or solid placement on a shelf is recommended.

For near-wall applications, place approximately 12 inches (we said near-wall, not on-wall) from the back wall and set the cross-over selection switch to the ‘Near-Wall’ setting.   If you can place the speaker at least 18” from the wall behind it, set the cross-over selection switch to ‘Far-Wall’.  

We recommend an amplifier that is 4 ohm capable and at least 75 watts per channel continuous.  Ostinato Speakers quality tests all speakers with the Schiit Vidar amplifier.  We believe that this wonderful amp matches well with the Monitor; providing more than enough power effortlessly (we have no business affiliation – this is an un-paid endorsement!).

Center Channel:

Placement is always an interesting question for center channel speakers.  The entire point is to have them directly facing the audience as all movie dialog and much of the mid-range is sent to this speaker.    But TV placement and room configuration all play a role.  The best placement for the Center is behind an acoustically transparent screen.  However, for most of us who don't have that, directly under your screen is best.  

For power, we recommend a good quality 4 ohm capable AVR or to use the AVR pre-outs fed into a quality 4 ohm capable amplifier.  With this highly capable center, you can set the cross over frequency low for the center.  We recommend starting at 50 Hz and adjusting to taste from there.