Price $4,250.00
Launch Price $3,950.00

Price per Pair

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Ostinato Speakers is in Soft-Launch!


Ostinato Speakers is proud to be able to offer this Curt Campbell masterpiece design. The world class sound of this full range speaker rivals products costing far more. In addition, the Monitor contains features rarely (if ever) found!

Innovation abounds:

  • Open-backed mid-range tunnel provides an amazingly wide sound stage
  • Unique switchable cross-over network for optimized room placement: simply set the switch on back for near or far-wall placement
  • Beautiful ribbon tweeter provides sparkling top-end without any harshness
  • Rounded front baffle edges for reduced diffraction

The Monitor brings the same transparent mid-range and crystal clear top-end as the Desktop while adding surprisingly deep bass down into the 30Hz range. This moderately sized speaker produces lows as good as all but the largest floor-standing towers. Enjoy full-range music without causing marital strife!

The Ostinato Monitor can easily be your forever speaker for music listening and can also serve double-duty as fantastic Home Theater mains.  For the most ambitious they will be very high-end surrounds.  We have fallen in love with the Monitors.  For critical music listening they are simply fantastic. They have sound-stage 'for days' and the mid range is detailed, clean and warm.  They faithfully represent the source material.  In good recordings you can point to where each musician is standing in the room.  The only downside is that they are so revealing that poor music sources are exposed and may be fatiguing. 

At 22" tall these are not large speakers but they are certainly substantial!  Each Monitor weighs in at 37 pounds - a testament to the dense non-resonant substrate, precision construction and quality components.   While you may pay for this in shipping - it will be a one time expense with benefits to last for years to come!

Hand-crafted and finished cabinet with a selection of real wood veneering.

With all Ostinato speakers: Non-resonant cabinets made with heavy substrates and precision construction. Cross-overs hand-assembled with no-compromise high-end components. Customer configurable choices of wood species, cabling connectors and cross-over capacitor options.  Hand-assembled in the USA with love and care. 15-day money-back and 3 year warranty.



Nominal Impedance:
6 ohm (min 3.3 ohm)
Maximum SPL Output:
104 dB / 1 meter
84 dB
22" Tall, 10.5" Wide, 11.75" Deep
37 lbs (16.78 kilos) each
28 liters ported (excludes mid-range tunnel)
Cross-over Frequency Points:
500 Hz, 4 kHz
34 Hz, 26 Hz
  • Walnut
  • Bubinga - Quartered