Listening Impressions and Reactions

to Curt Campbell's masterpiece designs:


...just like that I was 16 again... pure emotion


It was like they were in the room... (I) could point to exactly where each band member was standing.


That's what cymbals are supposed to sound like!


Entire new layers.... couldn't hear THAT on my wireless speaker.


...that was in the song?!?


Desktop Impressions:

Vocals are crystal clear, the top end sparkles just as it should and finally, the bass is surprising for such a small cabinet. - J.H.

They sound outrageous for their size... truly love them... - P.M.

Monitor Impressions:

The sound-stage is amazing and it seems like the music is not even coming from the speakers themselves.  My dog barks at things he hears from them.  - F.T.

They sound excellent, the only problem ... I regularly have to get up to check the house - I keep hearing these unfamiliar noises! - B.P.

I can sum up the Monitors with one word:  WOW!  They just plain sound like big floor standers... - J.H.

Center Impressions:

...impact and punch. Eve the voices seem better.... - T.R.

It would be a real was of the centers bass capabilities to run it in small mode.  Set it up as a large speaker and you'll soon find out how much bass you've been missing. - J.H.